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XBoard Enhancement and accessibility – GSoC 2015

Love playing chess? No one around to play with? Try Xboard. It's just like your chessboard, but is more. Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could play chess with your computer? Xboard is a digital chessboard that lets you play chess with your PC. Oh! you would rather play with your friend? We have an option for that too. Use edit game and Xboard is ready for two players. You can save the game, pause and resume it whenever you want, view your move history, change the board can even enable sound effects for your movements, if you would like. Another feature to be mentioned is the evaluation graph,which gives your progress history based on your previous games. There is an option for time control too. You are looking for other chess variants? Spartan, Falcon, Cambodian, Super-chess,.. you get it all on Xboard through various chess engines like Gnu-Chess, Fairymax, Crafty, Fruit, etc.

  Through the Google Summer of Code (GsoC) 2015 project under the Portland State University (PSU), We have added some additional features to Xboard so that it is accessible to a visually impaired person. With the GTK-3 version, Xboard is now enabled with speech support or you can play it using your screen reader like Gnome orca, so it tells you all the moves you make, your current position on the board, possible attacks, who's turn is next, etc.The movements are now possible using the arrow keys on keyboard. What does that mean? You don't need to see the board anymore. So...Open Xboard, Close your eyes, and let's play some chess in eyes-free way!
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IBus-Braille – GSoC 2014 (Accepted to debian repository)

Ibus-braille is an input engine for Ibus which allows one to use the PC keyboard to type text in GNU/Linux graphical desktops in a Perkins-like way, i.e. braille patterns. It supports several braille tables (english, french, indian, spanish), contracted braille and abbreviations. It comes with table editors as well.
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IBus-Braille-Enhancement Project - GSoC 2016

Under this project we have developed an Online-Braille-input-tool which can be used with a web browser in any platform. Also we integrated IBus-Braille with Liblouis, 8-Dot braille Enabled suited to languages like chinees and combodian, Dot 4 issue Solved, Added Facility to write direct Braille Unicode, and enabled Three to Six mode for differently abled people with one hand.
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TuxType/Tuxmath accessibility and Tuxtype Braille extension – GSoC 2013

Tuxtype is a program that helps the kids to practice typing, in different languages using a play way method. While Tuxmath helps children to develop mathematical skills. Both are written in C and using Simple directMedia layer(SDL). I have created extensions for both games to have a speech support which will make it more playful and useful for visually impaired kids as well. These extensions are using eSpeak API to announce various informations. Also I created a Braille interface for tuxtype which enable anybody to practice brailler. Practice in brailler will help one to use program like IBus-sharada-braille so that one can produce ordinary text using six keys.
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Linux-intelligent-ocr-solution – 2011~ (Accepted to debian repository)

Lios is a frontend for using various free and open-source ocr engines available in linux. This is my first project from where I started coding. It have a nice user-interface which enable user to convert print images into text using either scanner or a camera, It can also produce text out of scanned images from other sources such as Pdf, Image or Folder containing Images. Program is given total accessibility for visually impaired.
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Accessible-Coconut 2011~

Accessible-Coconut is a GNU/Linux operating system which is completely accessible for persons with visual impairment.
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Sharada-Braille-Writer – 2012-2014

Sharada braille writer is a simple text editor which uses six key approach to produce text. Letters f, d, s, j, k, l of keyboard represent 1 to 6 of the braille dots respectively. One has to press the braille combinations simultaneously to produce text, for example pressing f and s together will produce letter k and like. This project leads to the development of input methord named Ibus-Sharada-Braille.